DiaDeep develops clinical tools to identify the most effective anti-cancer treatment for the best matching patients

Our technology is designed to generate the most accurate molecular data from histology slides  within minutes, which will lead to better diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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Patients with cancer might undergo inefficient, expensive treatments with significant side effects & other patients miss the chance for an effective targeted therapy.

Identifying the best line of treatment for precision oncology starts with

Predictive biomarkers

Treatment identification

Outcomes prediction

Diadeep enhance the clinicopathological management of patients and the value of precision oncology by:

Reducing the cost
of molecular testing

Improving the prediction
of clinical outcomes

Optimizing clinical

Enhancing the performance
of prognosis & therapeutic

Our clinical tool, AI based app, allows a quick results without the need for costly and time-consuming techniques

Fully integrated into labs workflow
Easy to use in the lab
Provide accurate prognosis

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We are a team of clinicians, data-scientists and pathologists and we are on a mission to Improve all patient’s chances of successful recovery with a new generation of biomarkers that can be available in every hospital and lab.
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